ART  &  HEALING (new website)



Art to create and healing to transform


Each one is able to transform all what he-her desires to transform and create a tailor-made life.

Create a new world and be in the best version of oneself with beauty and happiness.


"I desire to empower my being as much as possible, elevate my consciousness, heal my Heart/Earth, and vibrate love all around.

I love to play and play, create and create, liberate and liberate, see the life as a game."

Laetitia Donoma


"Life is a game, enjoy your day


stay open, move your body, follow the flow and give the best


everything is fine, help yourself / it’s all there


explore, here and there, breathing the love and get the bear


Let your mind, open your heart and start your day


please yourself and take the best, life is a game and let the rest !" Lyric -Life is a game - Donoma


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